All practices I host directly are offered under the teaching of dana. Dana means generosity in Sanskrit, and is a practice (of cultivating generosity) in and of itself. In practical terms, this means that I offer the practice sessions freely and I invite the recipients to consider offering a donation back that reflects both their financial means and what they feel they have received from me. The practice of dana invites reciprocity and mutual support, a bit like a handshake or holding hands to support each other on our journey through life.

I do typically ask for a non-refundable registration fee for practices I offer, payable at the time of registration. Dana can be offered at any time (before or after the practices). I think of the registration fee as a way to establish contact (like the first touch that moves towards a handshake) and enter into a mutually respectful student-teacher relationship. From there, the energy is exchanged between us as dana.

If you are experiencing financial hardship but would like to practice with me anyways, I welcome you to reach out to me. I am open to negotiating other arrangements that reflect the spirit of the teachings of dana.

If you would like to offer dana, you may do so via PayPal. Within Iceland, please email me for bank transfer information. I thank you for your generosity: for supporting me and, by extension, others who choose to practice with me.