QIGONG (in-person, open-style class series)

Qigong is an energy cultivation practice originating from ancient China and one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Interweaving slow, gentle, intentional movement with periods of stillness, Qigong re-awakens within us the sense of belonging to the natural world. Through relaxing into the present moment, a Qigong practitioner builds soft strength within their body, balances stability and mobility around the joints, and harmonizes any excessive or deficient energies.

The classes are suitable to all body/mind types and all levels of experience (beginners are very welcome). Full permission is given to rest as needed and to practice seated instead of standing.

The open-style format of these series means you are welcome to drop in on any of the classes without having attended previous ones. This will allow you to experience a taste of what Qigong has to offer. To receive the benefits of consistent Qigong practice, a commitment to the whole series is recommended.


Light within Darkness: Principles of Qigong Practice (7-class series): 

Qigong journey towards balance in body, mind, and heart. Appropriate for both beginners and regular practitioners wishing to deepen their practice. Let us actively relax into the descending darkness and sense the ever-present light within.

This is a great course for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Each week, we will focus on one principle of Qigong practice and explore how it feels in our body with both meditative and active Qigong. The heart of our active practice will be a sequence from the Five Animal Frolics. Having visited the same sequence each week, you’ll be able to carry this practice forward for yourself after the course ends. I look forward to embodying the white tiger, bear, deer, crane and monkey together as we explore some of the foundational principles of Qigong practice.

November 5 – December 17, 2023 (Sundays): 15:00 -16:00

The practices are held at Fjölskylduland (Dugguvogur 4, 104 Reykjavík, Iceland).



3000 ISK drop-in (2.400 ISK for Fjölskylduland members)

Light within Darkness: Principles of Qigong Practice (7-class series): 16.800 ISK (13.440 ISK for Fjölskylduland members)

The 20% discount is honored even if registering for the remainder of the series after the classes have begun.

Enquiries and pre-registration by email to .



RECEIVE & RESTORE (online, open classes)

Having given energy out into the world, what would it feel like to take time for yourself: to receive and restore your energy? Combining Qigong and restorative yoga, Receive & Restore classes provide the space and conditions for such restoration, reorienting the practitioner back towards a natural state of inner calm, harmony, health, and vitality. 

Each class begins with the body in physical stillness, while energy is guided internally with breath, visualization and intention. The body is then invited into gentle movement (if willing) that can be practiced on the ground or seated in a chair. The option to come up to stand is available for those who wish to do so. The last 20 minutes of each class is dedicated to restorative savasana (resting in stillness), to offer the body time to store the cultivated energy.

Classes are suitable to all abilities, all levels of experience, and all body/mind types. They are created to particularly support those experiencing exhaustion, living with chronic illness, or recovering from illness or depletion. However, in today’s fast-paced world, I feel most will benefit from taking time to slow down and restore energy.

Receive & Restore (online live classes – via Zoom):

Tuesday November 21st, 2023 14:00-15:00 GMT

To receive the zoom link, register for the classes by emailing . Classes are offered under the teachings of dana (generosity) without a fixed fee. I ask for a registration fee of 1 EUR/USD (150 ISK) and I suggest a donation of 5-20 EUR/USD (800-3000 ISK). Learn more about dana and ways to offer it under Support.