Sharing Circles

Presence. Community. Safe connection.

A sharing circle is a space for the practice of mindful communication or what I sometimes call sangha-witnessed somatic meditation. Each practitioner has an opportunity to share their present-moment experience while others actively listen. There is no verbal response to the sharing (neither during nor after the circle). Safe space is held through silent listening, and each sharing is acknowledged with a collective breath.


SHARING CIRCLES (online live classes – via Zoom):

Online Sharing Circles begin with an embodiment practice to guide the practitioner towards their present-moment experience. This may take the form of meditation, breath practice, or mindful movement drawn from somatics, yoga or qigong. Next, each participant is invited to share their present-moment experience. Sharing is entirely optional; you are welcome to attend only to listen and hold space for others. The gatherings close with a restful integration practice.

Upcoming online Sharing Circles:

Tuesday August 29th, 2023 14:00-15:00 GMT

Tuesday October 24th, 2023 14:00-15:00 GMT

Each sharing circle has space for 12 participants. Register for the circle by emailing . I offer these gatherings under the teachings of dana (generosity), with a registration fee of 1 EUR/USD (100 ISK). Learn more about dana and ways to offer it under Support.



PARENT CIRCLES (in-person)

Parent Circles support parents and other caregivers in attending to their own needs. The circle space is open and parents are invited to rest, move, breathe, listen, receive, and be heard. Nourishing for bodies, minds, and hearts, the circles prepare the ground for meaningful, warm connections within families.

These in-person circles are a collaborative initiative between myself and Fjölskylduland. They are spaces where caregivers can receive the unique support they need: grounding within their own bodies, connecting with other adults, and restoring their energy reserves. The circles take place in a dedicated room at Fjölskylduland, where caregivers are invited to re-orient towards a still center, even amidst the movement all around them. Children are welcome to be present in the room or play/nap in the adjacent indoor playground. 

Taking time to come home to themselves, caregivers gain greater capacity to connect meaningfully with children and other family members. The environment of mindful communication practiced at the circles teaches valuable communication tools, improving the ability to listen and respond to others more skillfully and compassionately.

Parent Circles are open to all parents and caregivers. Grandparents, expectant parents, guardians, and all others in a caregiving capacity are welcome. We offer these circles freely as a service. If you are able to, we invite you to offer back a donation reflecting the support you receive from us. A donation of any amount, however small, is greatly appreciated. If our initiative resonates with you and your means allow you to support us with a bigger donation, we are deeply grateful.

Parent Circles (in-person): 

Days and times for fall 2023 to be announced.

Enquiries by email to .