Sharing Circles

Presence. Awareness. Compassion.

Community and safe connection.

A sharing circle is a space for the practice of mindful communication or what I sometimes call “sangha-witnessed somatic meditation”. Each participant is invited to share their present-moment experience while others listen and hold space. There is no verbal response to the sharing (neither during nor after the circle). Like meditation, a sharing circle provides the space to cultivate awareness and compassion. The collective experience and reciprocity of sharing and listening amplify its benefits. Nourishing for bodies, minds, and hearts, sharing circles prepare the ground for meaningful, warm connections.


SHARING CIRCLES (online live classes – via Zoom):

Sharing circle gatherings begin with an embodiment practice to allow the practitioner to inhabit the present moment. This may take the form of meditation or mindful movement drawn from somatics, yoga or qigong. Next, each is invited to share their present-moment experience. Sharing is entirely optional; you are welcome to attend only to listen and hold space for others. The gatherings close with a restful integration practice.


Upcoming online Sharing Circles:

Tuesday March 12th, 2024 14:00-15:00 GMT

Tuesday June 4th, 2024 14:00-15:00 GMT

Each sharing circle has space for 12 participants. Register for the circle by emailing . These gatherings are offered under the teachings of dana (generosity) without a fixed fee. I ask for a registration fee of 2 EUR/USD (300 ISK) and I suggest a donation of 8-25 EUR/USD (1200-3800 ISK). Learn more about dana and ways to offer it under Support.



Would you like to bring the Sharing Circle experience to your community or a group you work with?

Sharing Circles benefit both individuals and groups. They can particularly offer support and connection to those experiencing challenges, isolation or going through physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. Sharing Circles can also bring together groups that share a common challenge. I have felt the benefits when I offered circles to groups of parents with young children, caregivers, healthcare professionals, immigrant communities, individuals recovering from burnout, to name just a few. Feeling heard and holding space for the challenges of others seems to uncrack something within from where compassion and holding space for self become possible and easier.

If you are aware of those who could benefit from Sharing Circles, I would be happy to bring the gatherings to you (either in-person or online). Please be in touch ().