Qigong is an energy cultivation practice originating from ancient China and one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Interweaving intentional movement with periods of stillness, Qigong re-awakens within us the sense of belonging to the natural world. Through relaxing into the present moment, a Qigong practitioner builds soft strength within their body, balances stability and mobility around the joints, and harmonizes any excessive or deficient energies.

My classes are suitable to all body/mind types and all levels of experience (beginners are very welcome). Full permission is given to rest as needed and to practice seated instead of standing.


QIGONG TOWARDS BALANCED LIFE (6-week closed-format course, online via Zoom)

Exploration of Qigong practices that work with the three main states of energy (Wuji, Taiji, and Wuxing). We will explore the felt sense of these energies in our bodies as well as how they can support us in our Qigong practice and daily life.


Specific Qigong practices you will learn in this course:

Wuji Moving Set: clearing habitual patterns from your body and heart-mind, resetting your energy to its original state

Alternate Nostril Breathing: establishing a healthy balance between opposites (yin and yang)

Five Waves: harmonizing energy flow through the natural, rhythmic cycles of our days and lives


The closed-format style of the course will allow you to feel the benefits of consistent practice. We will revisit the same forms each week, refining our technique and taking us deeper into the practice to receive more of its benefits. We will meet together for 1-hour live sessions on zoom once a week (on Thursdays). Our live sessions will not be recorded, but I will provide follow-along videos of the forms that you can practice with in between our meetings. At the end of the course, you will have the skills to incorporate the forms into your own practice, should you wish to do so. 


Live meetings (online via zoom):

Thursdays 17:30 -18:30 GMT (April 11th – May 16th, 2024)



Early-bird (register by 11.3.2024): 90 EUR/USD (14.000 ISK)

Full price (after 11.3.2024): 120 EUR/USD (18.000 ISK)

To register for the course, please email .